A painting for inspiration

Long ago, when I was still free and daring, I dreamed of becoming a famous artist. I imagined my pictures in the best museums of the world, and private collectors were lining up to purchase my latest artwork… Then I graduated, got a job and realized that adult life is much more complicated than it seems when you’re still living with your folks. Anyway, I love surfing sites like Deviantart or Pinterest looking at someone else’s paintings, good and not particularly, happy and sad, successful and barely visited… Those I enjoy most I add to my favorites. And this is just the case.

The palette knife painting you see here is called ‘When Dreams Come True’ – pretty much optimistic just like the canvas itself. It’s painted by Leonid Afremov. He is some sort of modern impressionist from Israeli. I never heard about him before, but I most certainly will check out his other works. The painting shows an autumn park full of colorful leaves and reflections. Remember my previous post? I guess that’s why this picture caught my eye in the first place. The theme is so simple, but it’s painted in a manner that makes your eyes explode – in a good way. There is so much color! The couple in the middle of the canvas seems to be surrounded by it. And although the night is clearly rainy, and nasty, and presumably cold, they seem absolutely happy. And the scenery around them transforms in tune with their inner state!

I fell in love with this canvas at first sight. And the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. Here is what else I noticed about it:

  • Although there is an immense number of colors and shades in the picture, the primary palette is formed by two basic colors – orange and blue that clash spectacularly on the sparkling pathway. This contrast looks very beautiful!
  • If you look close, you’ll see that the paint is applied in short messy strokes, each of a different color. As I found out, Mr. Afremov uses a special palette knife painting technique that allows him to play with texture.
  • This is my personal association, but I couldn’t ignore it. The tree leaves look like colorful light bulbs that magically burn right on the naked branches… Synesthesia, remember? ))

Although I’m not a big fan of happy colors (I’m more of a geeky decadent variety), this painting touched a cheerful string in my soul. I even put it on my desktop for inspiration. And now I almost believe that my dreams, too, will come true!


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